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Based in Majorca, Spain, European Hotel & Consulting Group offers first class real estate services along with outstanding advice and unparalleled experience in the hotel brokerage industry. Our clients come from all over the world with a focus on Europe.

They can expect nothing less than unrivalled, trustworthy and discreet real estate advice at all times, as well as efficient guidance in the implementation and execution of their transactions. The European Hotel & Consulting Group goes above and beyond the usual standards by offering a bespoke and reliable client service from highly experienced and reliable real estate consultants.

Whether you are buying or selling, our goal is to provide an industry expert being at your side at every step of your way. The European Hotel & Consulting Group is the first choice for buying and selling hotel real estate. Due to confidentiality reasons, property listings are not published on our website. Our portfolio contains hotel assets that are not on the market and therefore we liaise with buyers or their verified agents directly.

If you would like The European Hotel & Consulting Group to assist you with more information, we are more than happy to present you with the best opportunities in this challenging market.

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